I just discovered one of my favorite Star Wars authors lives thirty minutes from me. When did this happen?

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Hey! Do you have any recommendations for Star Wars extended universe fiction that deals primarily or heavily with the Jedi Order? Preferably the earlier stages, or at least before the Empire? I'm looking for some summer reading, and Star Wars fiction can be pretty hit-or-miss for me, so I thought I'd ask for a push in the right direction.

Here’s a list of the books:


The section you want is the Rise of the Empire era. The section titled Old Republic era (should actually be labeled the Sith era or the Sith Empire era) might also be of interest to you but it is likely far, FAR further back than you’re thinking. Its content is around 5000-1000 years before the movies.

Mind the abbreviations. Y = kid’s book. E = one of the short stories, you can buy it online as an ebook or more commonly you’ll get it as an included short story in one of the novels. For instance, Boba Fett: A Practical Man is included in the back of LOTF Sacrifice. A lot of the short stories also appeared in the Star Wars Insider magazine, the official SW mag. And of course, BBY and ABY = Before/After the Battle of Yavin (the destruction of the first Death Star) and is the standard calendar measurement of years in Star Wars.

As for specific examples…I don’t really have anything to give you. I actually actively AVOID books that are really Jedi-centric. So there’s certainly plenty on that list, I just can’t particularly tell you which are good and which suck ass. Books by James Luceno tends to be reliably good, I suppose. I prefer Matthew Stover. Actually that reminds me, Shatterpoint, about Mace Windu, is a Stover book, that’s bound to be good. He’s good at getting into the psychology of his characters. Messes with their heads. Outbound Flight isn’t necessarily Jedi-centric but it does have Jedi in it, and it’s one of the Thrawn books by Timothy Zahn which means it’s flawless. I enjoyed The Approaching Storm, which takes place just before Attack of the Clones (if you’ll remember when Obi-Wan and Anakin first appear in Ep2, Mace Windu says they’ve just come back from a mission on Ansion? This book is that mission).

Any later than that and you’re firmly during the events of the Clone Wars…which means the lines between good and bad start to get kind of blurry. For instance the Republic Commando/Imperial Commando series gets into the philosophy and practices and rules of the Jedi at great length…but the conclusion it draws from that analysis is not at all flattering towards the Jedi. So if you’re really a gungho pro-Jedi fan…on the one hand they’ll force you to look hard at your/their beliefs…and on the other hand you might come out of that with different beliefs. Soooooo I don’t know, that one’s your call.

I don’t know, I’m hesitant to even bring them up, because Karen Traviss is one of those SW authors where you either despise her with the fury of a thousand suns or her books changed your life praise the baby Jesus hallelujah (clearly I’m in the second camp but the first camp definitely exists). I don’t think I’ve ever met someone that neither hated nor loved Republic Commando and her LOTF books.

The two Medstar books are a blatant and open ripoff of M*A*S*H. So on the one hand, they’re good, on the other hand they’re good because the tv show they ripped off is good. But they’re in part about Barriss, the Jedi padawan you meet in The Approaching Storm.

The Vader unofficial trilogy — Labyrinth of Evil, the Revenge of the Sith novelization (FAR better even than the movie), and Dark Lord — are some of the best books in all of Star Wars. That’s about the furthest forwards, though. After that there’s some books that are, like “A single Jedi in hiding secretly fights the Empire”.

If you decide to look into the Luke-era Jedi Order, you’ll have a lot more to choose from. Namely, pretty much every book. New Jedi Order would be the obvious example series, though, and also Legacy of the Force and Fate of the Jedi. But they’re the big powerhouse series that everybody probably winds up reading, anyway.

And if it’s the TIME PERIOD you like and not necessarily the Jedi themselves, the Han Solo Trilogy, the Adventures of Han Solo (not the same thing), and the Adventures of Lando Calrissian all take place after Revenge of the Sith but before A New Hope. The Calrissian ones in particular are three of my favorites. And I don’t even like Lando, I just heavily approve of the lunatic shapeshifting sorcerer villain.

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Hi Solo, this is yoyo-inspace. I've been following you for a while, though you have a good amount of followers so you might not know the URL. Reason I'm writing on anon is that I'm wondering if I have gotten blocked by you. This because your posts have stopped showing up on my dash. It could be tumblr just messing around, but I wanted to check. I was mostly wondering, if that is the case, if it's by accident or what there reason for it is? Again, might just be tumblr, but wanted to be sure.

Send me an ask off anon and then send me one on anon to let me know you did and I’ll tell you if it comes through.

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Do you have any advice on how to try and continue eating at least maybe two meals a day when (apart from being generally too exhausted/spoonless to cook from physical and mental issues) you are generally either too nauseated from panic attacks to eat, or if you do manage to eat then you end up throwing up from a panic attack later?

you’re talking to the person who eats one meal a day if that

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What experiences have you had worshipping Ares? Also are any snakes sacred to him, or just poisonous ones?

The first question is vague enough that I’m not sure what you mean.

Regarding the second, SPECIFICALLY venomous snakes. He’s associated with dragons, and the Greek idea of dragons were basically giant venomous snakes.

To be specific, the venomous snakes native to Greece are (all, to my understanding) types of vipers.

I happen to have a photoset of them here.

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What was the other Bon Jovi song going to be?

I left in Unbreakable and Bells of Freedom but removed It’s My Life.

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Oh, wow.


Exerpts from Jalessa’s “conversation” with “Jehovah” (whom she claims she did a warding to keep him away and it worked!)

I have Jaleesa blocked for a reason, please do not tag me in her posts.

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Really worried about the lamictal because I only took like 5mg last night and <snipped>


is that a typo for 50

because I wanna see the guy who’s prescribing 5mg of a medication that’s regularly prescribed at the 400mg level

If I remember right, I had an allergic reaction to it at 15 mg, so it could depend especially because of the potential side effects? I remember it being a really REALLY big deal for the dosage to be low, but this was also almost 7 years ago.

OP, you need to call your doctor and talk to them about it because that’s definitely worth noting.

for comparison I’m at 150 right now and I get constant comments from the medical staff about how abnormally low that is

of course, the reason it’s so low is because I first started getting an effect from it at 25mg….but 25mg was my STARTING dosage

I’m just confused/amused at the thought of a doctor intentionally prescribing it in the single digits level

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I need to stop

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